A Modern Library is a Click Away!

Alexandria and our partners have teamed up to create a powerful platform that promotes library advocacy with bundled services that make your library the central hub of the learning experience.
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eBooks Without Limits!

We have partnered with Gumdrop Books and Mitinet to offer your students, patrons, and staff access to tens of thousands of English, Spanish, and multi-lingual eBooks from Pre-K to 12 directly from Alexandria!
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Discovery Without Limits!

Maximize the value of your collection with exclusive MARC record management integration powered by Mitinet®!
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Your library is essential to community learning

Alexandria is your partner in creating lifelong learners.

We advocate your library as the hub and heart of your school and community by consistently improving the experience of our users and patrons. Alexandria empowers you to have a positive impact with your patrons, streamlines your daily tasks, improves the discoverability of your collection, and increases circulation through four key solutions…

Equitable access

& Deliverability

Alexandria can be accessed on any device through any browser, without the need to download apps and is the only ILS to meet WCAG/ADA standards.


& Discoverability

Along with access to your library, we ensure that your collection completely captures and engages your students, teachers, and patrons!


& Integrations

We have partnered with the best-in-class library solution providers who share the same mission of promoting library advocacy, while allowing you to build and deliver a true one-size-fits-me library experience.


& Success Fidelity

Alexandria provides free access to our online Support Center and our exclusive 24/7/365 live support is also available to anyone in your district!

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Our partners

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  • K-12
  • Public
  • University
  • Alternative

For Schools of all Sizes

More than 10,000 K-12 librarians trust Alexandria to manage their school libraries. Our student-targeted design is focused on making your library as accessible as possible.

Become an Asset to the Community

No matter the size of your community library, Alexandria can manage and help promote all your resources, integrate security, payments, and more.

A Hub for Learning

Manage all your assets including specific department libraries. By using Alexandria, you can standardize your library management system campus wide.

Fitting Your Unique Needs

Because Alexandria is adaptable, alternative libraries such as those at correctional facilities, personal collections, and religious institutions use our library software.

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